What is WarGames?

WarGames is a participatory Generative Art project where the WarGames token holders are able to interact with algorithms and co-create outputs that will be part of the WarGames ecosystem. In addition, in future, token holders will be able to create their own collections. WarGames was created by FAR, powered by FINE.

Where can I access WarGames?

The official WarGames site is https://www.wargames.app/. To access WarGames you must connect your ethereum wallet that contains your WarGames token. The WarGames collection has 1000 passes and can be found on the opensea and blur marketplaces.

How can I create with WarGames?

Wallets that contain a WarGames token are able to connect to wargames.app and access the WarGames app. Once you have connected your token, the full functionality of the application becomes accessible. Users are now able to utilize the WarGames tools to create generative art outputs, as well as submit them to be considered for minting in the WarGames Labs collection and in the exclusive WarGames Epic collection. In the future, we will add functionality for the user to be able to mint their own collections based on their outputs from the WarGames app.

Can I mint from WarGames?

Minting will be an integral part of the WarGames ecosystem, and we are currently building this functionality. We will share details on our timeline soon.

Is WarGames only on Ethereum?

Currently WarGames works with Ethereum but we are looking into scaling solutions with other blockchains, as well as ways to store data on-chain using Bitcoin's ordinals.

What is WarGames Labs?

WarGames token holders will have the opportunity to submit their daily creations to WarGames Labs, with a selection of outputs being minted on a regular basis on a Manifold ERC-1155 contract. If your Work is selected for the WarGames Labs collection, the artist and WarGames token holder/co-creator of the work will split the proceeds and royalties. The first WarGames Labs piece, #0, was a free mint for early WarGames token holders.

WarGames Labs can be found here.

What is the WarGames Epic Collection?

The WarGames Epic Collection will be a curated selection of 1,000 pieces, each corresponding to a WarGames Token holder, which will be dropped at the end of year one of the WarGames project. Updates on how the Epic collection will be selected and the launch will be provided by the WarGames twitter (https://twitter.com/WarGamesApp) and the FINE discord (https://discord.gg/itsfine).

Where can I ask more questions and interact with the WarGames community?

Join the FINE discord to discuss WarGames and other FINE projects with the community! Tokens also unlock certain channels within the discord where users can share outputs and engage with select collection owners!